Trends and happenings at SeaWorld Orlando 2023

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Trends and happenings at SeaWorld Orlando in June 2023:

  1. Electric Ocean: This is an event that takes place at SeaWorld Orlando during the summer months, including June. It features electrifying entertainment, spectacular fireworks, and dance parties, all set to a glowing sea of lights.

  2. New ride: SeaWorld Orlando recently opened a new attraction called the Ice Breaker coaster. It's a thrilling ride that takes guests through icy peaks and drops at speeds of up to 52 miles per hour.

  3. Animal encounters: Visitors can enjoy a variety of animal encounters at SeaWorld Orlando, including the chance to meet dolphins, sea lions, penguins, and stingrays up close. There are also several interactive exhibits and educational presentations about marine conservation and animal care.

  4. Summer concerts: SeaWorld Orlando hosts a series of summer concerts featuring popular artists and bands. These concerts take place in the evenings and are included with park admission.

  5. Dining experiences: SeaWorld Orlando offers a range of dining experiences, including fine dining, quick-service restaurants, and food festivals throughout the year.

Please note that these trends and happenings may change over time and are subject to availability. It is always recommended to check the official SeaWorld Orlando website or contact customer service for the most up-to-date information.